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Small Beach Bar

This Beach Bar is 2m long, 1.2m wide and 2m high. For the smaller venue or party, this is the perfect size.

beach bar oblong

Beach Poseur Tables

These tables have a 3m diameter reed parasol that can shelter your guests from the sun.

beach poseur tables

Palm Trees

These items stand approximately 3-4 metres tall. They are free standing and consist of fresh palm leaf foliage.

palm tree

Illuminated Pink Cocktail Sign

This sign is round and 1m in diameter

Banana Trees

3m tall artificial banana trees

BeachTheme Table Plan

A bamboo table plan approx 2.5 metres tall.

You provide us with the seating plan and we prepare each table and the overall table plan.

Table Arrangements, Option 1

Two individual palm trees standing on a base with shells, storm lanterns and candles.

Each arrangement is constructed using real palm fronds and will stand approx 18” tall. The arrangement is placed on a centre stand so that guests can talk across the table and not through the arrangement and around the base are shells, optional sand, and three glass storm lanterns containing candles.

Table Arrangement Option 2

Four glass storm lanterns with large candles will be placed in the centre of each table. The centre lantern is placed on a clear stand to provide height to the table.

Table Arrangement Option 3 Helium balloons in tropical colours will rise from the centre of each table. The balloons are attached to a themed container filled with bounty bars and other Caribbean themed sweets. Alternatively the balloons can be attached to whole pineapples dressed like cocktail servers

Awaiting Picture

Festoon Lights Coloured string lights  
Beach Party Props

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