Ice Cream Tricycle






We can provide you with a Traditional Ice Cream Tricycle for your next event.

Our Ice Cream bike is a great addition to your day, we will make your day memorable, because 9 out of 10 people LOVE ice cream!

Please contact us for a quotation 07973 866631

or email us at:-

Did you know that Britain is Europe’s third biggest consumer of ice cream at around 8 litres per person per year?

Your Ice Cream Tricycle can be stocked with up to 9 different flavours of Award Winning Marshfield Ice Cream, straight from their farm on the outskirts of Bath.

Our Traditional Ice Cream Bikes look fantastic indoors or outside and can be operated with or without an electric supply, (230v 13amp), so we will serve your guests wherever you choose, so unlike ice-cream vans, we can be more flexible with where we serve your guests – access allowing of course!! 

Just so you can be sure we are professional and take our job seriously. We are trained in Health and Hygiene and carry Public Liability Insurance. 

Finally, because these Tricycles are popular PLEASE place any bookings ASAP. We are sure to be busy and wouldn’t want to miss your next event.