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OK Corral We can provide you with OK Corral signage or we can dress an area complete as "The OK Corral" with wooden ranch fencing, wooden barrels, flame torches, wooden cartwheels, sacks, bunting and perhaps a Bucking Bronco inside the OK Corral to entertain guests?

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Wild West Town We can erect a 3D "Wild West Town" for you at your next event.

The "Town" is front facing only, although the "Jail" does have a small enclosed area to allow entry through a front door and into the Jail. So that one of the un-suspecting guests can be "put behind bars" for a short period to enhance the theme as guests arrive.

The Town can comprise of;

Bank, Undertakers, Jail, General Stores, Gunsmith, Locksmith, Hotel and Saloon. It can stretch up to 12 metres long.

Artificial Cactus ,

We can supply you with artificial cactus that look very realistic for your next Wild West Party.

Most guests do not realise they are artificial.

These Cactus are approx 50cm tall x 30cm wide

They come in large terracotta pots which are placed onto large wooden logs to give them some height on the tables.

Storm Lanterns or Glass Lanterns can be placed around the base to enhance them at an additional cost. See below

Wild West Wagon / Chuck Wagon

Wild West Wagon / Chuck Wagon measures approx 2.4m tall x 2.4m long

This wooden Wagon makes a great serving station for bottled beers etc. You could even have the  Barman dressed up as a Cowboy and hand out the bottles as guests arrive.

Saloon Doors We can hire you Saloon Doors for your next Wild West Event.

Indoor Use Only

Measure approx. 2.4m wide x 2.4m tall

These doors make a fantastic entrance and help set the scene for a Wild West Party.

The doors are designed so that they can swing either way, but they do NOT swing back automatically. This is for safety reasons at an event.

Wild West Theme re-enactment

We can arrange for a re-enactment of a typical Wild West scene. Perfect as guests arrive to help them feel in the "theme" of the party.


Wild West Bar    
Indian Tepees We can erect Indian Tepees for your Wild West Party

Each one measures approx 2.4m tall  x 2.4m wide

With some additional hay bales and some wooden ranch fencing we can really enhance an outside area

Storm Lanterns We can hire you metal storm lanterns to suspend or stand on a table.  
Glass Storm Lanterns We can hire you Glass Storm Lanterns with large pillar candles inside.  
Wild West Table Plan  
Wooden Barrels    
Flag Poles    
Wagon Wheels    
Artificial Campfire    
Mine Cart    
Artificial Straw Bales  Very realistic  
Wanted Posters    
Water Tower    
Hitching Rails    
Ranch Fencing    
Indoor and Outdoor Lighting    
Horse Saddles on stands    
Floor Standing Cacti    
Corn Sacks    
Totem Poles    
Horseshoe Throwing    
Lassoing Cacti    
Panning for Gold    
Wild West Shoot Out    
    Wild West

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